About Us

We are committed to our community.

We use Local ingredients and strive to make as much as we can fresh, in house and from scratch. We offer professional and consistent service and quality, however, items may change with a surprise truckload of farmer's bumper crop or some really cool fish in season that we get excited to use. As we bring a certain passion to your table, know that you’re also supporting a chain of local producers and businesses who bring that same passion to their farm, brewery, coffee roasting, distillery, and fishing boats.

Come in to find out what our DAILY SPECIALS are!

Wine ~ Beer ~ Espresso: A beautiful wine selection, Local beers on tap, and proudly offering Steam Dot Coffee out of Anchorage.

HOUSE MADE SWEETS TO DIE FOR! Made fresh DAILY! Cookies, muffins, decadent desserts, homemade ice creams.

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Closed for the winter, see you next spring!